Australian Memorial, London

the names of Australian soldiers who fought in WWI and WWII are listed- by bolding seemingly random letters in the names, the towns and countries they came from are displayed at a larger scale. By Tonkin Greer


Fukutake House by Flame
MOCA exhibit by Lawrence Weiner
Eureka Carpark by emerystudio
LAX Gateway by Selbert Perkins Design
Nativity by emerystudio

enviro design links

eh, for those friends looking in here occasionally, I'm mostly posting updates through my blog on archinect now, and using this as a working site where I and various group members and maybe thesis advisor can post ideas, links, images, and critique. So yeah, maybe not so entertaining for the rest of you, but wanted to explain what's going on...


...more to follow.


Arcosanti Sans

well, here is the typeface, Arcosanti Sans: someday there may be an Arcosanti Slab as well, but not anytime soon... to paraphrase the description on the specimen poster, basically the type usually paired with places like Arcosanti is geometric, very clean stuff. Usually Futura. And that does pair well with some of the form of the built environment, but I pictured this typeface as being something that didn't just describe the built environment, but also its interaction with the natural landscape. So almost every letter (cause come on, what can you really do with an uppercase I in a sans-serif?) has some sort of organic form to it, and while I hope that parts of it hint at strong confident forms, I thought it would be more fun to see how a geometric place could be described by modern proportions instead of being so literal about it.


update #3: what happened to typography?

Some who know me well may remember that I've been overloading myself with studios since I came to grad school, and may have consequently noticed something missing from my fall work.
I'm not posting anything from my typography class fall quarter. I essentially treated it as a skills class, and have nothing from it that I'd care to show to anyone. You'll just have to be content to see my typography get better and better as you see the rest of my projects, culminating in my own typeface, which should be finished sometime in June. No, it won't be called 'Erin,' but will be named after ArcoSanti, the community on which it is based. So I'll leave you with the knowledge that during a portfolio review the other day, I was finally declared to be "a competent typographer," and one of the more formally inspirational photos of ArcoSanti:

those curves! those notches! They'll be letterforms someday, I swear it! I'm still debating sans-serif vs. slab-serif vs. wedge-serif, but that will be decided this weekend. And, I can always do ArcoSanti Slab now, with the knowledge that I can add ArcoSanti Sans later on to make it a happy little family of kooky Soleri inspired goodness.

I originally wanted to base the typeface off of the drastic differences between what Soleri had planned and what had actually been built, but soon came to the realization that those differences are rather depressing. I mean, what was I thinking, that I could just design 3% of the typeface (to reflect that the community is only 3% complete)? So, while I hope to present a slightly more realistic vision of ArcoSanti than Futura (their current typeface of choice) does, it will in general still be an optimistic outlook.